Ok, so there’s been so much hype around the opening of melbourne’s Din Tai Fung dumpling restaurant, that I thought I’d get in on the action.

Sydney has 7 stores and after much hullabaloo, Melbourne’s first store opened here a few weeks ago at the Emporium CBD.

Its all about the dumpling….and specifically those famous Xiaolong bao or XLB for those in the know. Inside these gorgeous domes of a dumpling, lies hidden, waiting to be discovered on first bite, a mouthful of sublime soup….yes soup inside the dumplings! But how’d they get the soup inside the dumpling you ask?

Fast forward to kitchens of The Humble Dumpling’s HQ. First we took our largest stock pot and commenced to make our finest stock (asian of course with some secret herbs and spices). Then we simmered it and simmered it and kept simmering it for about 8hrs, until we had reduced it down considerably. Finally it was transformed and then transferred to our smallest, tinniest little pot. The final result was about a cup of the finest amber coloured jelly you’re likely to find nth side of the tracks. And this jelly, cut into little cubes of wonderment, is what all the fuss is about. Yes, this is the soup that so snugly fits into the dumpling before cooking and that upon steaming melts into a most wonderous soup.

So folks…..if your’e not into waiting up to an hour or more at Din Tai Fung, or even if you are, book into a dumpling workshop at The Humble Dumpling, where you will learn to make your very own XLB. (We promise to do all the simmering of stock the day before). Workshops are usually on a Sunday….a perfect way to spend a cold wintry melbourne afternoon.  The fire’s lit, the table is set and the kitchen’s ready and waiting. click on the bookings tab!


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