Lets Make Dumplings – Online

Mixing the Dough

Getting There...


More Rolling

Filling the Dumplings

Ready For Steaming

This workshop covers all the basics you will need to be able to make dumplings for yourself and your friends at home. It’s for everyone – from teenagers to serious foodies, everyone will have fun and learn how to make dumplings from scratch.

A four hour hands-on dumpling workshop for 8-10 people where participants will learn:

  • Introduction to basic ingredients and the world of dumplings
  • How to make and roll the dough by hand
  • How to make 3 types of filling including vegetarian/vegan
  • How to fold, pleat and cook the dumplings 2 ways.
  • How to make the best dipping sauce in Melbourne
  • How to share the joys of making and eating food together