Another fab dumpling workshop at Humble Dumpling HQ!

It’s been freezing here in Melbourne and today was super cold with what felt like blizzard winds and snow-making chills.  Still we lit the fire and donned our aprons as we headed for the warmth of the kitchen.

Before too long we were rolling out the dough into almost perfect 8cm discs.  A very diligent group of workers today setting a very high standard indeed.  Not that there was any competition of course, we’re all here just to have fun and learn along the way.  

After chopping and mixing at great speed, the team sat down around the table and twisted and pinched and pleated to make a mere 95 perfectly formed hand-made dumplings.  A few dietary requirements not a problem; we were able to make to order. We steamed some and pot stickered some others. Finally we sat down to eat and chat well into the arvo.

And the cold? Completely forgotten about for now!

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