Are you addicted to spring onion pancakes as much as I am? 

Unlike western pancakes made from batter, spring onion pancakes are made from dough and are a popular street food served in Asia. 

You have probably come across these crispy pancakes at many Chinese restaurants, however, they are also easy to make at home once you know the tricks. And they are vegan. 

In this 1.5 hour online class you will learn very quickly how easy it is to make spring onion pancakes. You’ll be showing all your friends how to do it in no time. This will be a demo as well as hands-on workshop.

Traditionally Asian food such as spring onion pancakes are made sitting around the table with family and friends. And as they say many hands make light work. So bring your loved ones/ mates/ special friends and join me in the kitchen to create these little bundles of joy that ‘dot the heart.’ This workshop is designed to be a shared experience and therefore you will receive a special discount based on the more people you bring.