July, 2020 

GoodFood | Small Screen Sizzlers 
Angie Chong, of the Humble Dumpling in Melbourne, says she’s always been motivated by the sense of bringing people together through food when teaching. “Of course, the dumplings are there at the end of the day but the intimacy of the [Zoom] experience, of sharing food and making it together, is the surprise for everyone, including myself.” Read more> 

October, 2018 

ABC Gardening Australia | Food with Friends
Even though Angie’s garden is only small, it produces more than enough vegetables and fruit for her to run a highly successful cooking school from home. Read more> 

Feb, 2017 

Weteachme |Interview with Melbourne’s Top 2 Dumpling Queens
Angie Chong, Founder of The Humble Dumpling, is the daughter of celebrity chef and author Elizabeth Chong. And because my mother has been a cooking teacher, a consultant and a writer of cookbooks for 60 years, I’ve just grown up learning from her about how to respect and love food. Read more>

September, 2016

Happiness Concierge | Angie Chong 
I’ve always loved the symbolism of bamboo. It has its roots firmly in the ground and its branches are free and flexible.  The wind will take, shake and bend those branches backwards and forwards,  but at its core, its roots, it will remain strong. Read more> 

April, 2016 

The Herald Sun | Darebin Good Food and Wine Festival 
Ms Chong, who last year held a sold-out dumpling making workshop, said Darebin was an “exciting area” to live in for food lovers. “I live in Alphington myself, and I just think, particularly food wise, it’s a very diverse and culturally and culinarily exciting place to be living,” Ms Chong said. Read more>

March, 2016

Where Traveler | Sensational Springvale Food Tours
“For me, cooking has always been about the sharing of food. It’s about the anticipation of sitting down together and having quality time to talk and share a meal”. Read more>

December 31, 2015

The Northsider | At Home with Angie Chong
“Angie believes that passion and love combined with quality, sustainable, organic produce makes the perfect dumpling. The recipes used in the workshops have been handed down through generations of family.” Read more> 

July 7, 2015

The Weekly Review | Roll up for a Dumpling Masterclass
“Tonight, fourth-generation dumpling maker Angie Chong has undertaken the brave task of wrangling 20 strangers into making 200 dumplings in under three hours.” Read more> 

April/May, 2015

Darebin Community News | Sharing Food Traditions
Join the week-long festivities across Darebin to learn, share and enjoy wonderful culinary experiences in seminars, workshops and tastings, culminating in a one-day ‘meet the makers’ showcase and competition that champions home-grown produce at Preston City Hall on Saturday 16 May. Read more>

August 10, 2014

Pecha Kukcha Presentation
Check out this short clip of a presentation I gave at a Pecha Kukcha night in Fitzroy Melbourne 2014. My how time flies! Read more> 

April 28, 2015

The Age Good Food | Kitchen Spy
“For me, cooking is always about the sharing of food. It’s about the anticipation of sitting down together, and having quality time to talk and be together.” Read more>