Food Tours

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between Bok Choy and Choy Sum? And what about all those different kinds of soy and sauces sitting on the shelf? Tofu, but which one? Perhaps you’ve entered an Asian supermarket and felt completely overwhelmed by what’s inside. The Humble Dumpling will guide you through the maze of Asian food products, so you feel more at ease choosing and buying the right ingredients.

We’ll visit the butcher – did you know that many Asian people prefer to only eat female pork. Then on to the fish monger to learn about buying the best and the freshest, and then to the green grocer to discover and learn about all those beautiful green vegies, herbs and tropical fruits. Finally its over to the supermarket where we’ll wander the aisles to a world of discovery.


Food Tour / masterclass – ‘more than just dumplings’ –  At The Humble Dumpling

 I’ve also put together a full-day food tour and masterclass workshop. So, if you’re keen to shop and cook, then come and join me as we make our way to all my favourite shopping places in Richmond. We’ll also visit the kitchenware shop where you’ll get a 10% discount.  Then, back home to cook some of my favourite “small foods” –  soups, stocks, wonton, noodles, wonder bao, sun choy bao and more!




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