The Humble Dumpling is offering dumpling kits for all your dumpling making! You can either order the kit to go with a class or to make solo. It is the perfect Christmas gift for friends and family. 

What’s in the dumpling kit? 

  • Flour mix: measured & blended
  • Flour: extra for rolling the dough
  • Seasoning: measured and mixed 
  • Dumpling sauce: secret blend of 8 ingredients (recipe not included in class)
  • Water chestnuts
  • Dumpling recipes (meat & vegan)









How many dumplings will the boxes make?

This will make 32 dumplings or enough to feed 2-3 people

How to order?

Please email me Gluten free dumpling kits are available. 

Please be advised that the cost of the boxes are $40 + delivery. For GF boxes the cost is $55.00 + delivery.