Overview of the workshop:

Traditionally Asian food such as dumplings are made sitting around the table with family and friends. As they say many hands make light work, so invite your loved ones, bring the kids or join your long lost mates in the kitchen. You might be across the globe, or even in the next room of the house. Together let’s create little bundles of joy that ‘dot the heart.’

In 2.5 hours you will become an expert dumpling maker and learn the tricks of the trade to be able to recreate a shared table experience again and again! Meet me in your kitchen with a device for live streaming, with the ingredients you have pre-purchased and a print out of the recipe.

  • This is an online class which requires a stable internet connection 
  • Once you book the recipe, ingredients and Zoom link for logging in will be sent. The ingredients you need are available at major supermarkets


  • Introduction to dumpling ingredients
  • Learn to make the dumpling dough by hand
  • Make the fillings (meat and/or plant based) using ingredients that are easy to get
  • How to fold, pleat and cook the dumplings 
  • Tips on freezing and storage and alternative ingredients
  • Dumpling recipes
  • You’ll work hands on with others to create the most delicious dumplings before sitting down to relax and enjoy each other’s company.