Making stock might seem like a lot of work for some. But you can make a nice big pot of it and then have it in a variety of ways over the next few days, or you can freeze it for the future.

This recipe for Chicken stock combines a couple of recipes into one. Firstly the stock, which can then be turned into a variety of soups or sauces, then there is the Chicken. Succulent, juicy, tender chicken which can be made into Haianese Chicken, or any number of other Chicken recipes including something as simple as Chicken, watercress and mayonnaise sandwich.

In this recipe for STOCK, I use mainly chicken bones with some pork bone and just a few other essential ingredients like ginger and spring onion.

Later in the process I add a whole chook which must be of the highest quality. There is simply no point using a tasteless cheap chicken which tastes like cardboard for a dish like HAINANESE CHICKEN RICE. I like Bannockburn brand as well as La lonica. You will need a whole small chook something in the range of 1.2-1.5kg (if you can) which has the best flavor.

There are many versions of this classic dish from the island of Hainan China. In essence, it is both an essential dish at any sophisticated dinner party as well as an all time comfort food and “go to” recipe any time of the week. To accompany the subtle but succulent chicken, it is often served with a few dipping sauces.

Often it is cooked as a whole chicken to feed a large family, but this recipe is a shorter, mid-week version for 1-3 people. The rice too can be cooked in stock for a special occasion.

  1. 1 whole chicken (1.3-1.5kg) (or if you prefer a couple of marylands will be ok)
  2. 1kg Chicken bones (carcase, necks,wings)
  3. 2 pork bone or approx 100gm pork
  4. 1 lge piece ginger (approx 5cm x 3cm )
  5. 2-3stalk spring onion
  6. 3-5cm preserved Chinese turnip (optional)
  7. 1 carrot
  8. 3L water
  9. Spring Onion Dip for Hainanese Chicken
  10. 1Tab finely minced ginger
  11. 2Tab finely minced spring onion
  12. ½ tsp sugar
  13. ½ tsp salt flakes
  14. 2Tab rice bran oil
  15. 2Tab light soy
  2. • Wash chicken, chicken & pork bones well & pat dry
  3. • Set the whole chicken aside in the fridge till needed
  4. • Lightly bruise ginger and tie spring onion into a loose knot
  5. • Add chicken & pork bones, ginger, spring onion, carrot & chinese turnip (if using) to pot
  6. • Bring to a boil then simmer for 3-4hrs. Skim the (foam and skum that rises to the surface) every now and again throughout the process.
  7. • Strain the stock and discard
  9. • Add the whole chicken, bring back to boil, then turn down to gentle simmer for approx 30min before turning off the heat.
  10. • Allow the chicken to steep (leave it) in the stock for a further 30-40 mins. (covered) If the level of liquid has reduced and is lower than the chicken, then gently turn the chicken over half way through. To do this, grab a pair of chopsticks and firmly place them into the cavity to gently roll it over. (sounds complex, but its quite simple) The point of this is to be gentle with it and to not damage the skin!)
  11. • Carefully remove chicken to a plate. Sprinkle with some sesame oil
  12. • Cover with foil to keep warm. This Chicken will be the base for that classic dish called Hainese Chicken (full recipe with spring onion dip to follow)
  13. Continuing with the stock
  14. • Meanwhile continue to simmer the stock for a further 30min (approx) and it has reduced by about 1/3.
  15. • Your stock is now done and ready to use in all your favourite dishes
  17. • Mix all ingredients (except rice bran oil & soy) and spread evenly into heat proof shallow dish
  18. • Heat rice bran oil until very hot and smoking and immediately pour evenly over other the spring onion/ginger mix. It must really sizzle when you pour.
  19. • cut and arrange the chicken Asian style (or see demo at workshop)
  20. • sprinkle with soy then the spring onion dip over the whole chicken.
  1. Notes: The traditional recipe for cooking the rice requires you to fry the raw rice in some chicken fat or oil before cooking the rice in some of the stock prepared earlier.
  2. Add some Asian Green vegies or daikon or Asian herbs & roots for different soups
  3. Add some wonton dumplings and or some long noodles for short or long
  4. Enjoy this chicken with a bowl of rice and some beautiful nourishing clear Chicken soup. Add some tofu or greens or both.
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