Chicken Stock (asian) and….Hainanese Chicken Rice

Making stock might seem like a lot of work for some. But you can make a nice big pot of it and then have it in a variety of ways over the next few days, or you can freeze it for the future. This recipe for Chicken stock combines a couple of recipes into one.Read more

WONTON SOUP= swallowing clouds

Wonderful Wonton Workshop
Wonderful Wonton Workshop

WONDERFUL WONTON How many ways are there to wrap a Wonton….about just as many ways as there are to eat them. Deep-Fried and served with your favourite sweet chilli sauce. Steamed or boiled and served with a heady, body warming sichuan pepper and chilli oil, or for a beautiful healthy winter bowl of Wonton Soup,Read more

#tuesdaytips Ginger, Garlic & Spring Onion

Ginger, Garlic and Spring Onion fall into the category of “aromatics” These ingredients are there in your dish to add an element of exotica or mystery much like a dab of perfume behind the ear….. When used correctly and with respect, these “aromatics” will transform your dish from bland and boring to something subtle andRead more