For me, cooking has always been about the sharing of food. It’s about the anticipation of sitting down together and having quality time to talk and share a meal.

I am the daughter of Chinese cooking legend Elizabeth Chong and granddaughter to pioneering and dim-sim inventor William Wing Young.  In so many ways I have always been surrounded by food.  Later, I designed Victoria’s first fully accredited  Asian Cookery course at William Angliss Institute  of TAFE where I taught for nearly 20 years.

I also studied Horticulture and established a garden design and construction business. I designed and worked on some big and challenging jobs, including the palace gardens for the King of Lesotho, but thats a whole other story. My favourite work was designing small gardens for the home. I always found myself planting veggies and edible flowers in peoples front gardens. Today, I enjoy being able to grow and pick something from the garden for every workshop.


At home sitting in my favourite chair with my favourite mate Rufus.