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How many ways are there to wrap a Wonton….about just as many ways as there are to eat them.

Deep-Fried and served with your favourite sweet chilli sauce. Steamed or boiled and served with a heady, body warming sichuan pepper and chilli oil, or for a beautiful healthy winter bowl of Wonton Soup, check out the recipe here.

Wonton Soup
  1. Filling
  2. 100gm minced pork
  3. 100gm minced prawn (raw)
  4. 6 water chestnut (minced or chopped fine)
  5. 4 dried shitake mushrooms (soaked 15 min then minced)
  6. 1tsp dried shrimp (soaked 15-20min) then chopped very finely
  7. ½ cup spring onion (chopped finely)
  8. 1-2 tsp beaten egg
  9. 1tsp salt
  10. ½ tsp light soy
  11. pinch pepper
  12. Soup Ingredients
  13. 1.5litre chicken stock (chinese stock-separate recipe)
  14. 1cup Asian green veg (choy sum, wongbok, lettuce, mustard cabbage) chopped
  15. into 3-5cm sections
  16. 1 small pkt of wonton skins (approx 30-40 pieces)
  17. 5tsp light soy
  18. 2.5tsp sesame oil
  19. 1Tab extra finely chopped spring onion
  1. Method for Filling
  2. • Soak dry ingredients 15 min in boiling water or until soft - set aside
  3. • Beat egg - set aside
  4. • Remove & discard stalks of mushroom before mincing
  5. • Mince shrimp
  6. • Combine all ingredients and mix very well
  7. • Set aside for wrapping
  8. Wrapping the Wonton
  9. • Place 1tsp of mix into center of wrapper
  10. • Wet the sides of the wrapper before enclosing into a triangle.
  11. • Hold the triangle with single point facing down.
  12. • Dab some water on to the left point
  13. • Take hold of the two points, bend backwards and away from you and then stick the points together where you have put the water. Press firm to seal
  14. • Cover and set aside
  15. Cooking & Assembling the Soup
  16. • Drop wontons into boiling water. Bring water back to the boil. You may need to gently lift the wontons off the bottom with a slotted spoon. After a while, the wonton will start to float to the top.
  17. • Continue to simmer gently for another 2-3min before draining through a colander.
  18. • Meanwhile, heat the stock
  19. • Add the chopped green veg in the final 2mins before serving
  20. • Put out your serving bowls (preferably large) and put a sprinkle of soy, sesame oil, a few chopped spring onion in the bottom of each bowl. Then add approx 6 wonton to each bowl
  21. • Ladle hot soup including some greens over everything and enjoy!
  1. This soup is also called Short Soup but you can add some of your favourite noodles and call it "the long and short of it" soup!
  2. The translation of "swallowing clouds" comes from the fact that the wonton dumplings should be placed into a bowl large enough that when you pour the hot soup over them, they should float in the bowl. They should also be soft and fluffy and...well....kinda like swallowing clouds. Look to the sky and you'll know what I mean!
  3. Watch out for the Asian Stock/soup recipe, coming soon.(meanwhile use a good quality chicken stock)
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