having a deep and meaningful with an apple mac


Well here I am sitting in front of the fire at home and its already October.  Its Melbourne, its spring, the wisteria is out, the cliveas and clematis are out, the roses are on their way to coming out, and I’m sitting in front of the fire. 

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Yes, its been ages since my last post. In fact, writing posts on the blog has not really been something I’ve ever really done, let alone embraced. A year on and I’ve just learned there’s a comment page! So, to all of you who have made a comment, thanks for your time and thoughts and writings.  I will endeavour to keep up.

When I started The Humble Dumpling just over a year ago, I thought writing about what I know and love would be easy. But its not. Communicating with a screen doesn’t come easily, doesn’t come naturally. Communication for me means two or more people talking and telling stories. It means bouncing off each other, smiling, frowning, thinking, flirting, giggling, listening and talking some more, not having a one way conversation with a screen. Its not that I struggle with topic…. I know some people have to really work at what to write. No, for me, there’s lots I want to say and share. So from now on, I am going to start by conjuring up all my potential readers and pretend theyre sitting in the kitchen or by the fireside with me. This video created by @weteachme captures the buzz perfectly.

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