Begin your culinary journey into the world of shared cooking and eating.

Join Angie Chong in the kitchen for traditional home style Asian cooking classes for everyone, from all walks of life.

My love and passion for food spawned from childhood. The kitchen was where all the good stuff happened. All our meals would emerge from shared preparations. On weekends when the gatherings included extended family members; we would all participate in the building of the banquet. Washing the rice, cutting the vegetables, marinating the meat, setting the table, and most tantalising, pinching out the dumplings. These small tasks were both reassuring in their familiarity and exciting as hunger built and our anticipation grew. The meal was a bit like small pieces of a jigsaw coming together to form the complete picture. As we worked we transformed from individuals into an integral to the whole. Read more >

  • In two and a half hours, with minimal prior preparation, you will be guided through my family recipes, bringing my home to yours.
  • Together we will mix, knead, chop, assemble and cook. But most importantly we will learn to connect to each other through food and through making food together. Learn more > 

Recreate a shared table, at home with your loved ones