Hi and welcome to the Humble Dumpling.

I grew up sitting around a big table eating together with my family. Sometimes there were six of us for a meal, but at other times my whole extended family would gather and we would be one big happy family of 36.

Food has always been central to my life: both professionally and also personally. The sharing of food and food knowledge and the joys of cooking and then sitting together is what I love to do.

I invite you to come and join me at The Humble Dumpling: Workshops, Food Tours and Food Coaching. The Workshops are all hands on and of course include sitting down at a shared table afterwards to enjoy the rewards of all your hard work. The Food Tours will take you further into the world of Asian Ingredients and food culture and set you well on your way to creating some great dishes. And for those who simply want a healthier, happier and less stressful relationship with their food, then a bit of one on one with the Food Coach will certainly help you on your way.


Food Tours

Food Coach

Food Tours
Food Coaching

In these workshops you will be invited into my Alphington home to learn the art of small foods that ‘dot the heart’…Read More…

Feeling a little overwhelmed when you walk into an Asian supermarket? Let The Humble Dumpling guide you through the maze of Asian food produce so you feel more at ease choosing and buying the right ingredients…Read More…

It seems many have lost their way with food. Busy lives means people are often too tired, too busy, or  too stressed to experience the joys of cooking…Read More…



Pip  Five stars
May  2016

What a fabulous class! Set in the beautiful home of our teacher and dumpling master, Angie, this was not your usual ‘cooking lesson’. From the get-go, Angie made you feel welcomed and comfortable in her home. She turned the class into a supremely relaxed Social meet-and-greet ‘slash’ entertaining and hands on culinary experience. AND THE FOOD!!! Oh my God! In the beginning, while we sat around the table drinking champagne and discussing what the rest of the evening would look like, she handed around DELICIOUS sticky white buns with slow-cooked pork belly and a selection of vegetables and condiments to accompany it. This was just to keep our bellies sated while we worked as a team to produce the most delicious dumplings I’ve ever tasted (no modesty needed). Angie told us about her upbringing, her family and her incredibly interesting life as we rolled out dumpling pastry and grated ginger and garlic. And she was ever interested in the stories of all those around her as we casually folded dumplings around the table together. I would recommend this experience o EVERYONE! No matter how much cooking experience you have, if you love food, you will LOVE the Humble Dumpling.

Gloria  Five stars
Mar 2016

Angie’s ‘Humble Dumpling’ workshops are fantastic – we would highly recommend her workshop to groups who would like to get together to share fun and laughter while learning how to make yummy dumplings. Angie is an excellent instructor who encourages everyone to have a ‘go’ at learning how to make the dough and fillings for the dumplings. Participants come away with great recipes and the confidence to try their hand at making dumplings at home. Our workshop was part of a ‘Hen’s event’ which worked well as it encouraged everyone to share in the process of dumpling making with a beautiful meal at the end of the workshop. Angie’s capacity to impart her knowledge and passion for sharing good food with friends and family shines through!


Debra  Five stars
Mar 2016

What a treat! Angie welcomed us into her artistic home, and made us feel like old friends almost instantly. The class was both fun and informative, and we had the added benefit of devouring our creations. Excellent value and warmly recommended!

Bronwyn – Feb 2016

Five stars

“Angie engaged her students with her depth of knowledge & experience,I felt welcomed into her home/kitchen,the students were all enthusiastic to learn & thru themselves into the slicing & dicing. I would certainly recommend this class,excellent value & I feel confident that I can make Dumplings reasonably well,after lots of practice rolling the dough!”

Rosalie – Feb 2016

Five stars

“I had a great time. There was fun, laughter and food. Lots of hands on work preparing the fillings and rolling and filling the dough wrappers. The dumplings were great and I feel confident in making them now. This is one of the best cooking classes I have ever been to. Highly recommended.”

Richard – Feb 2016

Five stars

“My wife and I had a wonderful time in this class. The facilitator was delightful and we had lots of fun. We can’t wait to make our first batch of dumplings at home with our kids.”

Ian – Dec 2015

Five stars

“The workshop was fantastic. Not only was Angie very welcoming to all, but imparted many little tips & suggestions that just can’t be found in any recipe book. Angie is a terrific teacher who encouraged & assisted everyone from the school-aged girls to the serious foodies in our group. When we sat down for our lunch of delicious dumplings, we felt that we were eating with a group of friends, rather than the bunch of strangers we’d met a few hours before. Can’t recommend this class highly enough.”

Elaine – Dec 2015

Five stars

“We learnt how to make dumpling pastry and a variety of fillings. The approach is hands on with Angie being very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. Everything was well organised and a convivial time was had learning new skills. After our hard work we were rewarded with a fabulous sit down dumpling lunch. I totally enjoyed the experience in every way!”